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Welcome to GeoTWAIN 2.0!

GeoTWAIN provides facilitated, multilingual search of modern and historical place names with georeferenced presentation on a map and additional information on history, political structure and alternate spellings. Use the field on the right to find the place you’re looking for!

If you want to work with tables with several search terms, please use GeoTWAIN 1.1.

In addition, take a look at the stats page to see the recent searches and the most searched terms.


  • 17-1-17: Orbis Latinus Online is online again! Reconnection to GeoTwain will follow.
  • 20-4-15: New exclusive Datasource Added: German(ic) Place Names in the American Midwest by Stephan Fuchs. Read more..
  • 24-7-13: Critical Bug in OSM connection fixed. Many thanks to A.K.!
  • 12-7-13: Yahoo-Connection fixed
  • 7-9-13: Since Yahoo changed their API, GeoTwain currently shows some strange results when using yahoo as datasource. Will be fixed soon.
  • 7-18-13: Welcome to GeoTWAIN 2.0! This is a BETA version. If you find some bugs, please contact us!

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